Here are some of our favorite testimonials that we have received over the last several years. The testimonials are categorized to help you find what you need.


"I teach phonics at a Kindergarten program at a Catholic School in Savannah, Georgia. Your books are fantastic. The dialogue is fun, the pictures are amusing. What can be better than laughing and learning at the same time? Thank you, D.T."
"I printed out several of your Progressive Phonics books and I think they are great! I am using them in a Title I reading program for my struggling readers (grades 1-3). I know the speech therapist loves the site too. She is also utilizing your site and copying books to help her students w/speech! Great program! Chrissy"
"I've been using the books to consolidate spelling and phonics with my Grade Two class, and it has proven to be a fantastic exercise! Thank you!" K. E.
"I happened upon your site...my lucky day! Visual spatial: pages are "calm" ...not overwhelmed with distracters that can produce anxiety and/or too much stimulation Emphasis: the coloring coding to assist with student's focus etc. is fabulous (wish I had a color copier) Comprehension: a page could be read aloud and students could provide their own illustration (class book). Parent education: I appreciate your info page to parents as it coincides with the message I communicate to parents and students. Thanks for sharing your creative efforts! Wanda"
"Many thanks for your books that I downloaded to use with the children in my class. The children love using them as part of their activities at Reading time. They have helped them understand the sounds vowels make in words. "I teach a Year 2/3 class - 6 and 7 year olds in Christchurch, New Zealand. "Thanks for making them available. L.C.
"I am a preschool owner/teacher, and tutor. I have just finished rearranging all my other material to coincide with your books. What I absolutely love the most is that I can send a page home with the children and I know that their parents will read WITH them that night. Parents are so very busy these days and its easy for them to let their minds wander while painfully trying to listen to a child stagger through a basal reader. With ”Progressive Phonics” however, they can accomplish a lot in just a minute or two a night which can be attributed to the fact that they are fully present, because the very nature of your books require that they pay attention to read along. I believe children are very aware of the passive manners of adults and delight to know they have their full attention when reading along with mom or dad. Thank you! I can’t wait to see your new books!" J. A.
Dear Progressive Phonics, I LOVE your books and so do my students. I am a resource specialist and these books are perfect for my students because they are simple, don't have a lot of text, and only cover one or two concepts per page. The red words really help the kids concentrate on the concepts they are learning and the stories are really fun to read. They are great for choral reading, individual practice and homework. They move slowly enough that I can diagnose whether my students have gotten the concept or not.
"I was very impressed with your progressive phonics books, especially with the idea that many frequently used words cannot be learned with phonics rules. I will be using your books from now on." M.S.



"I just started using Progressive Phonics with my five year-old who had missed the cut-off for kindergarten this year by a few days. Your materials are fun, visually engaging, and pass the all-important "giggle test." My child enjoys your materials and it is not a chore to sit down with him to work on reading. I have tried numerous Level One Readers. Unfortunately, the ones that have extensive repetition are usually boring and don't keep my son's interest. On the other end, the ones that have more interesting text often do not have enough repetition and quickly lead to frustration. Your books provide an intelligent third alternative -- the child reads the repetitive cluster of phonetically-related words while the parent reads the more complex story text. Using this format, the child builds his reading skills and self-confidence while still having fun, engaging text to keep the child's interest. Perhaps most important, your materials require a synchronized interaction of parent and child. I truly feel a bond with my child when using your materials. "I am also using phonics games to help with my child's reading. While these exercises keep his interest since he is playing a game, their glaring deficiency is that they do not include the all-important sight words and they do not put phonics in the context of actual reading. With these games, there is no opportunity for the child to start looking for contextual clues to come up with those words that can't be derived phonetically. Your materials provide a comprehensive common-sense approach to reading: they give the child a thorough grounding in phonics, they provide the child ample exposure to all of the key sight words, and they give the child practice in looking for contextual clues, both with pictures and surrounding text. "In short, you did it right! Your books start out at a very elementary level with lots of repetition and proceed in small, incremental steps. The progression of learning is neither too fast nor too slow --- it's just right. Your books have lots of fun rhymes and silly stories. You somehow managed to combine the ease and repetition of the BOB book series with the fun and silliness of Dr. Suess. You created a very special product that is both educational and fun. In the time I've been using your materials, I have seen the progression in his reading skills and in his attitude in learning to read. My son is well on his way toward reading with giggles and smiles instead of stress and tears. "Thanks again. Peter Kaye"
"I found your website and must admit, I was not impressed at first. The books seemed repetitive and the graphics (thank you for saving ink) were not exciting. However, I'm 45, not 5, and my daughter loves them. She read 5 pages of the first book and would not stop until we finished. Now she wants to take them with her everywhere to show others that she can read. It has boosted her confidence tremendously. Thank you for your program." V.H.
"My daughter is almost 4.5 yrs. old and is zooming through your series. She is currently in preschool. Her teacher has an extensive knowledge in the phonics teaching technique. However, I realized that I need to supplement that teaching by working with my daughter at home since she only goes to school 3 days a week. "I was confused as to how I was going to teach my daughter to read. I tried Dr. Seuss, but she was only memorizing the words instead of reading them. Flash cards were too boring for her. I also lack a knowledge of a teaching system. "Luckily, I found your link in a school's web site. I downloaded your books. My daughter started with the first book on Feb 12, and in a month's time, is now reading your seventh book. "She enjoyed the time we spent reading together before bed. She sometimes plays with the manuals and speed reads through all the red words. "Your word repetition, rhyming, and illustrations make it fun and memorable. Because the books are progressive, it was easy for her to retain the knowledge of how vowels, etc. work. The range from easy repetition to almost whole sentences is a great way of getting her to read with greater complexity. It's kind of like holding on to the rear end of the bicycle while she pedals and then letting go. "I'm looking forward to your next book. Thank you for creating these books. These books are a great way for parents to teach their children reading without seeming to put them through another school day. It emphasizes the importance of reading with your children." T.K.
"This mail also serves to inform you that my child has had endless problems trying to grasp the concept of reading, it is normally a very unhappy time when he is instructed to read, however now that I have introduced your books to him, he is the one that suggests that we read. Astonishingly, he even suggests that we continue to read even the next book in your series. Thank you so very much for your help, your books are truly a God-sent help. You have alleviated so much of stress from my life. I truly thought that there was something wrong with him, I even went to the extent of sending him to an occupational therapist, because I thought he had a learning disability. I have discovered that there is absolutely nothing wrong with him, he just needed to learn and grasp the basics of phonics to be able to read. Thank you once again for your help. C.D. the Happy and proud mother of Kayolin who can finally read, thanks to Progressive Phonics."
Dear Progressive, After trying numerous phonics programs with little success, my son thoroughly enjoyed your first book last night. What a relief to have him interested and willing to sound things out. I just wanted to tell you what was so important to him and couple of suggestions I had - the fact that he doesn't have to read the whole story and that the story was funny was huge for him!! I love that the words for him are larger - it makes it so easy for him to take his turn and he's willing to have me follow the words with my finger so he knows when it's his turn - I expect this will help him learn the other words in the book a bit quicker as well. We just printed the books two-pages per letter sized sheet, double-sided, and so didn't need to use a large amount of paper to get such a great, lengthy reader. A couple suggestions (maybe you've already thought of these): Give each book a title having to do with the story so we can refer to it that way instead of the "short a book". Have stories along the way that practice all the words introduced so far (does this already happen in the later books?) Again, I am thrilled - I would gladly purchase this entire et, now that I have seen results and interest. Please let me know if I can offer any more input. Sincerely, S.M.
These books are great. They are really helping my 7 year old overcome some of his difficulty in reading. They are so much fun!! I have recently started using them with my 5 and 4 year old daughters. They love them too. They are really going to be prepared for Kindergarten and Jr. K come this fall. Thank you for this wonderful resource. Thanks from a mother of 3 with #4 on the way !!!!
My daughter loves these books. We were going so slow with the Ordinary Parents Guide to teaching reading by Jessie Wise. Now the stories are fun and my 6 year old is having a great time. Thanks, Linda
"I was looking through various sites on the internet for my son. He is 5yrs old and we were having difficulty with his reading. I found your site and downloaded all the nine free [scholarship] books. These books have helped him tremendously. He reads so well now. Your method of teaching children is excellent. Children enjoy the colorful pictures, the funny statements etc. It also helps us as parents, guiding us and showing us a good way of teaching children."

Special Education

"Thank you so much for this amazing series. It is ideal because of the grammar. I teach children that experience learning difficulties. Often these children are very bright and need something that is enjoyable and stimulating. They simply love it and enjoy coming to the support classes. It is amazing to see how more confident they are. They are also willing to pick up other books and explore." R. V.
“I'm the resource teacher at a school in Hendersonville, NC. Our school is K-8. I work with dyslexic, developmentally delayed, and other LD kids. They all love your books. "I like that each page is it's own vignette. They're quick and funny. They easily hold the child's attention. The fact that the child is responsible only for the red words takes the pressure off him/her. This way, the child actually ENJOYS reading -- so important for creating fluency! "To date, your books are the only books that my students request, grab for, are disappointed to stop reading. "Your site is a great resource!" M.C.
"I work as a LSA with a boy with behavioural and learning needs and also a little girl with extreme dyslexia. These books are brilliant -- they are making the learning for these two children so much more fun and interesting and also helping me to ensure that I teach them correctly." A.D.
"I'm mother of 7 years old son. My son was child with ADHD cases. In my country (Indonesia) I really found difficulty to find the appropriate learning method or suitable school. So your free book was very useful for my child. If you have some references that related with ADHD kids, would you please send me about it. Thanks for your kind attentions, Heny"
""I teach phonics at a Kindergarten program at a Catholic School in Savannah, Georgia. Your books are fantastic. The dialogue is fun, the pictures are amusing. What can be better than laughing and learning at the same time? Thank you, D.T."
I printed out several of your Progressive Phonics books and I think they are great! I am using them in a Title I reading program for my struggling readers (grades 1-3). I know the speech therapist loves the site too. She is also utilizing your site and copying books to help her students w/speech! Great program! Chrissy
"My son is dyslexic and I had the good fortune to come across your website, where I downloaded your phonics books. We have spent a small fortune in learning products that don't afford us ANY help with his particular reading obstacles and it was so gratifying to finally find something that WORKS!! He is able to read along with me and it has afforded him just the boost he needs right now. Dyslexia can be very daunting to the confidence of first and second graders and you've no idea how much help your books have been for us, and I'm sure others, who use them, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"
Just to let you know that your books are fantastic!! My son Brandon has had lots of problems with his hearing. He seems to be ok now, but as a result of this, he is much slower than the rest of the children in his class with regard to reading. I came across your site some weeks ago. I could not believe how quickly Brandon caught on. He enjoys your books so much. I think its because they are short and funny. Depending on how tired he is, we can we can just to a few pages or the whole thing. Thank you so much. We have only downloaded the first 7 books so far, but they have all been wonderful. Yours sincerely W. K. - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


“I think your books are really great. My granddaughter loves to read them. The stories are cute and funny. The part that the child reads zeros in on the phonic sound they are learning, yet in order to read their part they have to follow along, so they are learning other words at the same time. I would recommend your books highly. Thanks. J.H.”
I'd just like to thank you for the availability of your books, they are exactly what I need to help my 7 yr old grandson this summer and since I'm recently unemployed the free [scholarship] part was GREAT!!!
I was very happy to find your web site. Recently I have been working with my 4 year old grandson using the Kindergarten level Hooked on Phonics program. He has caught on quickly and enjoys reading the simple books included with the set. I was, however, looking for something extra to add some variety to the lessons. Then I found your site and downloaded the first seven books. We have been reading the "a" book this week and he loves it. My 6 year old grandson, who entered kindergarten this past August, joined us in reading it yesterday and he, too, loved it. The two boys had quite a competition to see who would shout out the words in red first. I'm sure they will enjoy the others just as much. The thing I like the most is the way the books illustrate different meanings of the same word. Thanks a lot. Will write again with an update after we have gone through the other 6 books. Maria
To Whom It May Concern: I just found your site by accident and think it is wonderful. I am working with my granddaughter and feel like these books will be a BIG help. I only wish I had found your site while I was still working with children. It is a great site and I think it is much needed. Thank you!
I think your books are really great. My granddaughter loves to read them. The stories are cute and funny. The part the child reads zeros in on the phonic sound they are learning, yet in order to read their part they have to follow along, so they are learning other words at the same time. I would recommend your books highly. Thanks, J.K.
"I have used the books with my grandson, who is aged 8. He was having problems at school mainly due to being 'put off' doing work in class by other pupils calling him names and 'rubbishing' his work. He is very slightly overweight and the 'name calling' was mainly related to being 'fat'. He lost a lot of self esteem and confidence and was described as a 'non reader' in a recent school report. In fact, the whole report was very disparaging about his abilities in general. He has always seemed bright enough at home and has lots of interests, although he was not interested in 'homework' and was reluctant to even try to read. He has been off school for a few weeks, due to an accident at school when another pupil pushed him off a computer chair, so I have been looking for work for him to do at home. My grandson and I looked at the 'internet' together and he chose to try and download the free 'progressive phonics' books. He has spent the last two weeks going through the books and is using part one of book ten at present. He has enjoyed using the books and is able to use what he has learned to read other books and reading materials. I think the main reason why he has been successful is the method of sharing the reading. He enjoyed it especially when I got it wrong and read 'his' words, he was very quick to say 'that's mine' and he thought this was funny. He also thought the text was funny and enjoyed the rhymes. The books are very simply laid out, so that he only had to concentrate on the text. He liked the illustrations especially the 'spot the difference' pictures, but did not get bogged down in trying to work out the words from the pictures. He liked the fact that rules were explained clearly. He often said 'my teacher said that, but I didn't know what she meant'. His favourite rule is the 'silent e' when it can reach round and make the short vowel long, or say its name. After a few weeks he is confident to try reading anything, and does not get upset if he needs help with any particular word. He enjoys reading any type of children's book, whether the story is imaginative or whether it is factual. Thank you for the chance to try this method and these books, V. T.

English as a second language

"Hi - I am a middle school English Language Learner teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am using your phonics book in my four reading classes. The classes are mixed levels of grades 6, 7, and 8. We are almost finished with Book 3. So far, I am very happy with the results I have seen. "One of the problems with second language learners is that they do not have the vocabulary that English speaking students pick up as they are learning the language. I find your books to be very helpful in building that same vocabulary. Every day we read 4 new poems (as we call them) and run through the reading of the ones we have already read. Any new words they do not know, we add to our vocabulary word wall. I have found that the daily repetition and review reinforces and intensifies their vocabulary and word recognition. I already have seen a difference in their reading ability, especially the lowest level readers and we've only been using it since January. "Thank you so much for this series! I can't wait to see their progress at the end of the year. I plan to go through all 13 books. I will write again and let you know. "ps - Almost forgot the most important thing - my kids laugh and really enjoy what they're reading, even the 8th graders!! Keep up the good work!" S. S. ELL Reading Teacher
I would like to commend your Progressive Phonics. It is a great idea! I am currently carrying out my practicum as an ESL teacher at the elementary level. I will surely utilize the Progressive Phonics with my third grade students. I believe it will help tremendously. I wish you all the best in your Progressive Phonics endeavor. Blessings, Mr. R
Thank you for your wonderful material. Believe it or not, I use it to teach adult women ESL (English as a Second Language) students. It is easy enough for non-English speakers, and engaging enough so they do not feel they are reading a primer. I like the fact that it teaches basic phonics while including Dolch words. I am not a professional educator, but a director of a non-profit charitable organization. While "researching" good, fundamental reading programs, I found your website on the internet. Overall, I use your basic readers as the reading foundation portion of my class. Thanks again. You have made my job easy and effective. Best Regards, M.T.J.
"Your Phonic Books are great! I use them to teach English as a second Language students." D.K.
I teach children with learning disabilities at a non-government, Catholic school in Pretoria, South Africa and I just want to say THANK YOU for the amazing Progressive Phonics Books. In South Africa, our school year begins in the middle of January, so I’ve only had my new class for 4 weeks, however, my little ones are thoroughly enjoying your beginner books. (The pupils in my class are between 7 and 9 years old, and this year I have 7 pupils in my class.) As you probably know, we have 11 official languages in South Africa! Although the school I am at is an English medium school, all of my pupils do not speak English at home. For most, English is their second language and for others it is their third language. Most of their parents do not speak English, and those that do cannot pronounce the words correctly. Your books are helping these parents as well as their children, come to terms with the English language. For some of my pupils, your book is also the only book that has ever been read to them by their parents! At my information evening at the beginning of the year, I made all the parents ‘promise’ to read these books daily with their child. I even made 7 copies of Book 1 for parents evening (luckily I didn’t run out of ink, although half way through I thought my old printer was going to kick the bucket!). I then made the parents read a few pages of the book with me so that they could understand what to do at home, they all left parents evening full of enthusiasm! 3 of my pupils have already returned Book 1 and couldn’t wait for their copy of Book 2. The others tell me that their parents have read some of Book 1 with them, but I’m not sure if they have and will follow up next week to see if there are any problems, or if it’s the same old story – no time etc. i.e. parental neglect creeping back! Here are some comments from the parents who are reading the books with their children daily: "Thank you. My husband and I have had great fun taking turns reading to Mpho every night." “I can’t believe my husband and son are reading together, this has never happened before.” "Oagile’s brother (who is 15 years old!) can’t wait for him to bring book 3 home.” May you be blessed abundantly for sharing these books worldwide via the internet. Yours, B. U.
Dear Progressive Phonics,Thank you for your excellent books. I am using them to teach my children to read English. My kids are older and speak English as a second language. I live outside the United States and find your book an irreplaceable source. Thank you, Mrs. S. B. G.
Thank you so much for your excellent books. As remedial resources, we are all going to benefit from these at our school. The books are colourful, compact and interesting. As we recently changed from an Afrikaans school to an English medium school , these will come in very handy! B. v. R., Head of English at a Primary School.


"Hi , I was very surprised and pleased to find your website..., and even more so when I found that I could download your excellent phonics books [some] for free!! I think they are brilliant. I love the illustrations and the humour etc. It reminds me a bit of 'Cat in the Hat' books and there are shades of 'Sesame Street ' too." J.K., Tutor.


"I love your web-site, I am home schooling my children and I found some great tools to help me in teaching them from your site. Thanks, Penny"
Hi, Thanks so much for such a wonderful resource! I love the concept of "shared reading" for teaching the Dolch words. I will certainly be telling my home school friends about your great idea! Regards, J. I.
Thanks so much for your wonderful Progressive Phonics! SO much more interesting and fun that the typical "beginning reader" books available. I only wish I'd found you a few years back for my reluctant reader. I am spreading the word to other homeschoolers and downloading the books to share with my grandson. Rebecca H.
Thank you so much for these books! They have been absolutely wonderful for my 5 year old son. I currently home school my children and this offer couldn't have come at a better time. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!!! L. M.
I want to thank you for Progressive Phonics. I am homeschooling my kindergartener and spent money on a program that I believe is good, but is not working for us and I am honestly lost. I downloaded your first book and am thrilled at the way she is learning and having so much fun again. We really don't have the money to keep purchasing more and more curriculum items constantly trying to find what will work well for us. I appreciate your program so much. Thanks again. Kristin Lowe Globe, Arizona

Foster care

“Excellent work, thank you. "The work is so fantastic, as a foster carer looking after children who have missed out on many years of school, this will help me to support their needs, Could you please inform me when any new work comes out." S.

Adult education

"I've been looking for a long time for something suitable to use with adult learners that isn't overtly childish. I stumbled on your website by accident - thank goodness! regards Christine"
"Hi there! "I just want to thank you guys for creating this website. I am happily married to a man who at present has difficulty of writing, reading and pronouncing some words due to lack of opportunity to learn from school. He is a highly professional driver and very hard working. For the last 18 months he’s been in and out of work. Now that he’s in his mid 40’s, he’s getting sick of getting casual and temporary jobs only. After his last casual job, he decided to do his own little business by subcontracting. Few weeks ago he’s been offered a contract but he suddenly pulled out. I thought he didn’t really like the job that was offered to him. Just a week ago he confessed to me that the reason why he didn’t accept the contract was because he was afraid to do some paper works. He doesn’t want to get caught in front of his clients that he doesn’t know how to write and read some words properly. He said to me with tears on his eyes that he’s yearning to learn how to read and write properly since he was in his 20’s but too embarrassed to seek help. He kept it to himself for so long. "Now that he personally sought help from me, I am willing to teach him whole heartedly. When I saw your website and found that I can download the books for free {scholarship], you don’t know how you really made me happy. I know my husband will learn so much from your books. "Thank you, thank you so much!"