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Progressive Phonics all-in-one reading program

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Progressive Phonics is an all-in-one reading program that is easy, fun, and totally FREE---that's right, totally and completely free!

And with Progressive Phonics, ANYONE can teach a child to read and write in just a few minutes a day, which makes it ideal for parents, teachers, tutors, volunteers and home-schoolers.

No experience necessary. Just pick a book and start reading it with your child/students.

Matching handwriting worksheets and activity sheets for each book -- when children write what they learn, they learn it better.

Also teaches the essential sight-words (and phonics rule-breakers) that most phonics programs fail to teach.

Instant access -- download and use today. (Free registration required, but there are sample books you can look at before registering.)

Our books can be read on-screen or printed on your color printer. Each book takes 4--8 minutes to print and uses as little ink and paper as possible.

But don't judge a book by it's home page. Read one of our books with a child and see for yourself.

"Thank you so much for this amazing series. It is ideal because of the grammar. I teach children that experience learning difficulties. Often these children are very bright and need something that is enjoyable and stimulating. They simply love it and enjoy coming to the support classes. It is amazing to see how more confident they are. They are also willing to pick up other books and explore." R.V.
"These books are great. They are really helping my 7 year old overcome some of his difficulty in reading. They are so much fun!! I have recently started using them with my 5 and 4 year old daughters. They love them too. They are really going to be prepared for Kindergarten and Jr. K come this fall. Thank you for this wonderful resource, from a mother of 3 with #4 on the way !!!!"