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Message from Miz Katz N. Ratz:

At this time, I recommend the Alphabetti books only for older children.  (4.5 years old and older)  

Why?  Because the books start with letters that can be confusing to young children... namely., the letters d, b, g and p. 

I am working on a complete revision of the books to make them appropriate for children of all ages.  However, because I am also working on the phonics books and a revision of the website, etc., it will be quite a while before I get focus on the Alphabetti books. This is very sad for me because I would rather work on the Alphabetti books -- they are much more fun!

In the meantime, I am leaving the existing Alphabetti books up on the Internet for older children who can navigate past the letters d/b/g/p.


Original introductory text:

Our "Alphabetti" (T.M.) books teach -- or reinforce -- the alphabet one letter at a time, and have children reading and writing actual words starting with the very first book.

Key features:

Gentle learning curve
: Doesn't require months of memorization.  Children only need to learn one letter at a time.

Instant application: Children start reading as soon as they start learning the alphabet (as opposed to learning the alphabet first, and then learning how to read).

Retention: Many of the books have a companion pack of activities (handwriting, coloring, memory game, cutting and pasting) to help "fix" each letter of the alphabet into a child's long term memory. 

Logical sequence: Because lower-case letters comprise 95% of all written text, lower-case letters are taught first. Next, upper-case letters are taught in a way that helps children logically associate upper-case letters with their corresponding lower-case letters. Then, when children are comfortable with letter recognition, the alphabet sequence (ABCDEFG, etc.) is taught.

Downloadable: Download and get started today!

For more information on our Alphabetti system, please see this article... or dive in and try it out for yourself.

Quick Start Guide

Sample Book



Alphabetti Series One: These easy and fun books teach the ball-and-stick letters of the alphabet: d.o.g.b.a.i,p. (See our article on alphabet shapes.) By the end of this series, children will know 25% of the alphabet, and will be able to read twelve words.



Alphabetti Series Two:   These books teach the "snake" letters of the alphabet: s, c, e, m, n, u, h.  By the end of this series, children will know half the alphabet and will be able to read many words.



Alphabetti Series Three: These books teach the "spaghetti stick" letters of the alphabet:  l,t,f,r,w,v,k,x,y,y,z plus j and q (taught as "qu").  By the end of this series, children will know the entire lowercase alphabet and will be able to read many words.  NOTE:  This book series is a work in progress, and is 75% written, with a new book coming out every 1 - 2 weeks.



Alphabetti Series Four:  This book series teaches the UPPERCASE letters.  Note:  This book series is not yet written.  It is due to start being written this winter.


Alphabetti Series Five:  This book series teaches the alphabet SEQUENCE -- a,b,c,d,e,f,g, etc.  Note: This book series is not yet written.  It is due to start being written in 2012.