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Intermediate Phonics Book 1 - REVISED - March, 2012

Teaches the "th," "sh" and "ch" sounds.  These are common sounds/spellings in the English language, and cannot be understood just by sounding out the individual letters.  (Revised in March 2012 to include teaching the voiced and unvoiced "th" sound.)

Page count: 14 pages printed
Time to print: Approximately 4 minutes

Words taught: Ship, shop, shut, bath, math, than, that, the, them, then, thin, this, with, chat, chin, chip, chop.

Activity sheets for this book includes handwriting worksheets, a word-search puzzle, flash cards and a five-minute memory game.  These are contained in a "zip" file to make them easier to download.  

IMPORTANT -- If you are viewing this page in a language other than English, please switch the language back to English.  Otherwise, the book will download in the wrong language, and the pictures will be missing.

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