Phonics books

father and daughter readingspacerOur phonics books make it easier (and more fun!) to teach children how to read. Better still, ANYONE can use them, which makes it ideal for parents, home-schooling, teacher assistants, volunteers and teachers who need more resources.

– Concurrent reading and handwriting instruction.
– Teaches phonics AND the important sight-words that break phonics rules.
– Teaches the rest of the information that children need to know to become independent readers (plurals, contractions, syllables and the basics of punctuation—who can read English without those?).

Quick Start Guide

Sample Phonics Books

 Beginner Phonics Books:  For children who already know their alphabet, these books teach the five short vowels (a, e, i, o and u) as well as some of the variations of the pronunciation of the letters "s" and "f"  (as in is, his, as, and of). 
  Intermediate Phonics Books:  These books teach long vowels and the consonant blends and digraphs.
 Advanced Phonics Books:  These books teach advanced long vowels, syllables, basic punctuation, silent letters, R-controlled vowels, W-controlled vowels, L-controlled vowels, basic homonyms and the common words that break these phonics rules.  For a full overview of the subjects taught in this book series, please see our Guide to the Advanced Books.