Hello, this is Miz Katz N. Ratz.

I am really sorry to do this, but I have to stop working on the new, improved Advanced Phonics Books for the next 4 - 5 months.

I will, however, continue to work on the Alphabetti Books, as there are a lot of moms and home-schoolers who are nudging me to finish the Alphabetti Books. (There are no "old" Alphabetti books for them to fall back on).

I was trying to work on both projects simultaneously (creating the Alphabetti books AND revising the old Advanced Phonics Books), but I simply do not have the time nor ability to work on both series at the same time. I also need to work on a rather large accumulation of bug and error reports (typos, books that won't open, etc.) that has been waiting patiently for my attention.

If you are working on the "new"Advanced Books, you can continue with the "Old" Advanced Books -- just start with the "old" Book #12 (Twelve) when you get to the end of the "new" versions of the books.

Again, I am really, really sorry to take a break from the Advanced Book revisions, and I hope you will forgive me. Feel free to "vote" on your opinion on this matter,

Miz Katz N Ratz

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